June 27, 2009

Problems Generating ArchiCAD Elevations

I have ran into a few circumstances where my exterior elevations do not want to generate or rebuild... for this problem I have used a simple procedure which works 99% of the time:

  • slightly slide the marker cutline
  • if you have shadows turned on, adjust the sun settings by a bit
  • do a combination of method 1 and 2
  • rebuild elevation from model and it should work
Home this helps.

June 14, 2009

The Architectural Calculator

The Architectural CalculatorEver find yourselves needing a calculator tailored for architects? Well, archCalc is a nifty construction calculator designed to run as a standalone calculator or alongside with other programs. What I like most about this calculator is that you can have archCalc float above other programs allowing anyone to use it while viewing your other documents. Pretty handy if you don't have multiple screens or just need it to be visible while viewing your CAD software or spreadsheet etc... archCalc runs on Windows and Macs and is free to use with minor limitations and even if you wanted to purchase it, it does not cost much. I highly recommend it to people using CAD.