July 26, 2009

Export To DWG From ArchiCAD

Export To DWG From ArchiCADI will probably add more info on this topic in the future but for now I would like to record and share with you a recent experience that could end up saving you some valuable time when exporting your ArchiCAD drawings to DWG format. I recently had to coordinate some drawings with a consultant that used AutoCAD. Taking note of what AutoCAD version they are using is very important because you will have several options to export your drawings from ArchiCAD. Once this is all settled on your export preferences... make sure that your current view that you are about to export to DWG has all layers "unlocked". You have to make sure that none of your layers are locked as this may be a serious issue for AutoCAD users on their end and may result in a lot of unnecessary back and forth email exchanges.