August 20, 2009

Plotmaker 9 File Does Not Open

Plotmaker 9 File Does Not OpenNow, in a case where you simply cannot open an .lbk file for whatever reason, it does not mean that you have completely lost everything. You will however need to spend a little time recovering your plotmaker file. Two things to do before you undergo this process, are:

  1. Restart you computer and see if that helped
  2. Try opening your "PlotMaker Layout Book Backup File" (a duplicate of your main plotmaker file)
So if none of the two methods mentioned above works, use this as your last resort:
start a new/blank layout book and import views from your corrupted .lbk file using the import command. You may have to re-link view sets to the corresponding .pln file but its better than nothing and starting from scratch.


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